Nick Zigelbaum and Kate MacLean together with their young son run at small diversified Animal Welfare Approved farm on 120 acres in Chelsea, Vermont. Nick raises Milking Devon cows and Kate raises Icelandic sheep and Ossabaw pigs. The farm carries with it many chickens, dogs, a few goats, and a Jersey milking cow too.


a few of my favorite things

i hope your weekend is filled with packages from sisters and baby foxes and rainbows and lilacs.

my yesterday was. solid birthday.

thank you for all of your birthday wishes you kind kind readers.

today, i am paying for it, with a sick boyfriend. pouring rain.  a mountain of email. and a bunch of cooped up furballs.

bon week-end.


  1. i hope you had a sweet birthday. a fox in your hands and lilacs in your nose can't make for a bad birthday.

    and just so you know, i posted about your blog in a little post of mine.

    it's here if you'd like to see it:

    thanks for being you and sharing bits of your world with us.


  2. What lovely scenes. That fox is mighty adorable. And those cats are quite cute themselves.

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Sounds like you did :)

  3. beautiful photos. the one of the fox and the kitty is too sweet for words (and i'm not even remotely a cat person).

  4. Glad you had a good birthday :) Hope your boyfriend gets to feeling better too! That photo of the fox and cat is so cute!!

    Have a great weekend xo

  5. Happy Birthday ! We've been enjoying the photos of your pets at nap time! Best~ Robyn

  6. Happy belated Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonnerful transition :-)

  7. Life is amazingly always better it doesn't matter the age. Actually we have new beginnings everyday. ;)

    Garden Chair

  8. belated happy birthday :) i hope you had a great day.

    Those photos are beautiful and melt me! so cute. take as many pics as you can while the kittens are small and the fox is a cub. im sure you and your readers will cherish them!


  9. you're compelling me to fly out the door & pick up a ginger cat immediately. xo.


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